Modern Sports Cars Category Ceases To Exist

Anderson BMWIn conjunction with the previous Wakefield and Winton management, the Modern Sports Car category was created as a low cost sports car category catering for two-driver endurance competition. The aim was to target families including father & son type teams and has been reasonably successful at getting those types of teams to compete in a friendly albeit competitive environment.

Our category recently received notification from the current circuit management advising a minimum number of entries was a requirement in order to continue as an endurance category. Moreover, the entry fees have been increased.

Category management have been running the Modern Sports Cars category on a “no cost to competitors” basis from its inception.

Consequently, we regret to announce that as a result of the less affordable entry fees as well as the inability to guarantee an endurance style event that we have decided to withdraw the Modern Sports Car category.

Our mantra has been low cost endurance racing for all without prejudice. We cannot justify continuing in light of the current direction at Wakefield Park.  At this time, the Modern Sports Cars category will cease to exist.

This is unfortunate for the budget sports car competitors. Thanks to all the families and friends that have supported the category over the years.

Also, a very special thanks to the Series Sponsor Peak Race Tyres who have provided our race, championship and draw winners with countless quality Kumho Motorsport Tyres.  As well as our great friends and supporters from Active Auto Sportique.

Stay safe.